open your mind, before you open your mouth.

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They say you can’t be fixed by the person who broke you,
But I don’t believe them.
Because having your arms around me made all of my problems go away,
And feeling your lips against mine made me forget I was ever sad.
When you left, my problems came back and I remembered my sadness.
It lingered around me and created a weight on my shoulders,
The way your name lingered on my lips and your memory made my heart heavy.
I think if you came back I’d be okay.
I think if you held me again, and kissed me softly,
I’d be able to pull myself together.
Please come back.
I don’t want to be sad anymore.

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Don’t resent yourself. Don’t resent yourself for something you did five years ago or this morning or hell even five minutes ago. At the end of the day remember you have to live with you and you can be your own biggest hero or enemy. And at the end of the day beating yourself will get you no where. So please don’t resent anyone in the first place but importantly don’t resent the one person you have to care of- you


seeing a guy’s happy trail when he stretches


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